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Dating Game Over

Matt Kennedy/Screen Gems

Think Like A Man Too (2014)

Steve Harvey’s 2009 book “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man” served as the dating gospel for characters in its movie adaptation, “Think Like a Man.” While the original cast and crew reunite for the sequel, “Think Like a Man Too,” they no longer seem to practice what Mr. Harvey preached. Oddly, the film is even more by-the-book — just not Mr. Harvey’s — than its predecessor.

The entire crew — Kevin Hart, Gabrielle Union, Meagan Good, Romany Malco et al — lands in Las Vegas for the nuptials of Candace (Regina Hall) and Michael (Terrence J). With that premise, the movie almost writes itself: If “Last Vegas” was “The Hangover” for the geriatric set, “Think Like a Man Too” is “The Hangover” for the urban audience.

The men and the women compete again to one-up each other in one night of debauchery with their respective bachelor and bachelorette parties. Inevitably, the two groups collide and everyone ends up in jail — while the guys are in stripper garb. As you can predict, everyone cleans up and makes up just in time for Candace and Michael to walk down the aisle.

All involved seem to have forgotten Mr. Harvey’s message. Over the very same weekend, lovebirds Dominic (Michael Ealy) and Lauren (Taraji P. Henson) both inexplicably field dream job offers that threaten to put them on opposite coasts. As you also expect, they both give up career advancements to be with each other. That’s not “Think Like a Man Too.” That’s “Think Like a Rom-Com Screenwriter Too.” Thank goodness Lauren wasn’t alone in her decision, as that would have really made her a casualty in the battle of the sexes.


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