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Family Portrait

Andrew Macpherson/Amazon Studios

Pink: All I Know So Far (2021)

“Pink: All I Know So Far” is the cinematic equivalent of a fawning cover story from a magazine on display at the supermarket checkout aisle – not the tabloids; not Billboard; not Rolling Stone; but People, Us Weekly and Entertainment Weekly. The film follows 20 days out of the pop singer’s 19 month long “Beautiful Trauma” world tour with her husband, Carey Hart, and children, Willow and Jameson, in tow. Although Pink and Mr. Hart insist the 225 tour staff members are also family, none are interviewed on camera.

The two are super cool parents. The film starts with her teaching manners and ends with her entertaining Jameson after a show. They seem incredibly grounded and well adjusted – though again, the film alludes to the 24 suitcases they lug around, but crops out the assistants and handlers who make their jet-setting lifestyle possible. Frankly, it’s a glorified home video with a budget.

Pink has always been a bit of a mystery. Black Twitter has joked about mistaking her for Black because her music videos used to be on BET’s rotation. The film demystifies her slightly, with childhood photos and anecdotes of her voice lessons, gymnastics training and going to Broadway musicals. We get a sense of how Pink’s enormous talents were nurtured at a young age, but we are left with zero clue as to how her unique personality metamorphosized over the years.

Produced by her own record label, the film has not one bad thing to say about her. Maybe that’s because there’s really nothing bad to say! But we must take her word for it. Should you invest two hours watching the film version of a magazine puff piece you could flip through in five minutes? I don’t know; just how much of a Pink completist are you?


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