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Disinfo Wars

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The Hunt (2020)

After President Donald Trump personally “canceled” it in a tweet, “The Hunt” was abruptly bumped from its Sept. 27, 2019, release date indefinitely — until now. Its premise involves a group of “woke” “libtards” declaring open season on “deplorables” and kidnapping a dozen of them. That’s basically its plot: The "elites” pick off the conspiritards one by one in gory detail over a bogus conspiracy dubbed “Manorgate” until a few escape and strike back in similarly gory detail. The end.

The Trumpster outrage over the film is largely unfounded, given that it is ultimately engaging in its version of bothsidesism through equal-opportunity violence. Taking stock of the ending, Re-thug-licans may want to consider rallying behind the film rather than renouncing it.

Substituting the entire Fox News vernacular for character development, motivation and scene setting, “The Hunt” devotes most of its runtime to mind numbing carnage that rivals torture porn. There are no good guys. There are only bad guys. But you don’t exactly take any pleasure in their demises, unless, of course, you are some sociopathic sick fuck. If it has any redeeming quality at all, it is the potential for people on both sides of the aisle in this divisive and toxic political climate to finally have a film whose worthlessness they can agree on.


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